Mission & Vision

The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC), Israel’s leading social organization, aims to build and develop a nationwide network of sustainable local communities, contributing to a strong and resilient society, enabling each person to feel significant and become a partner in his or her community.

The IACC is dedicated to the development and management of advanced complementary educational frameworks, lifelong learning, and equally and comprehensively serving community members with special needs, with a community approach and for a continuum of ages.

Implementing the IACC vision:
IACC operates a nationwide network of 800 community centers that serve millions of residents in more than 150 local authorities from all sectors and populations of Israeli society.

Core Values:
The values that form the basis of all operations of the community center are: mutual responsibility and volunteerism, accessibility and inclusion, and communal identity in Israeli society.

“Man builds a community, which builds society, which builds man.”

Community Centers
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General Programs
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