The IACC calls upon its partners and friends to help us appropriately prepare for any future conflict that arises as a result of the firing of deadly rockets from Gaza into Israel’s populated areas in the south by donating funds that will enable us to purchase the following vital items:

  • $48,000 to provide 80 shelter activity kits. These kits will include dolls and puppets that can be played with by the children, but also used by social workers and psychologist for role play in dealing with issues of trauma.  The kits will also provide games and art supplies to keep the children engaged in positive activities while in the shelters.
  • $8,000 to purchase 20 portable speaker systems with microphones.
  • $23,000 for 100 protective life vests for volunteers who must spend time out in the open.

With your financial support now, we can make sure that the communities affected by the ongoing conflict with Hamas and Islamic Jihad,  do not have to wait until the conflict is almost over before receiving the vital equipment and important supplies they need!

Help us be prepared for any future conflict! 

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