IACC Chairman Avi Wurzman signed an important charter together with top officials in the public, business, and social sectors. He then issued this official statement: 

“The IACC as an organization is involved in many efforts to eradicate racism, discrimination, and exclusion in Israeli society social through our 1000 community centers around the country. Our efforts and our corporate values that promote racial equality are second to none. We are honored to have been invited to the President’s Residence as the leading community organization in Israel, standing alongside other leading organizations in their sectors, and we will continue to promote inclusion and integration for all of the colorful segments within Israel society, be it the special needs population, as with our ‘Exceptional February’ campaign, or any and every other community within our population.”

We call upon all Israelis to join us in signing this charter on the “Israelis Against Racism” organization’s website, here: https://ilng.org.il/