JCCGlobal hosts the World Conference for the Israel Association of Community Centers and JCCs Worldwide

Over 100 delegates from around the world, and about 300 Jewish leaders and community directors across the world arrived in Jerusalem this week with much excitement. This visit was made possible thanks to the World Conference of JCCs, hosted this week by JCCGlobal organization, and led by Smadar Bar Akiva and Menachem Revivi, CEO and Chairman respectively of JCCGlobal.

The conference began by summarizing the Amitim2.0-Fellowship plan, as well as the joint projects that are taking place in partnership between community centers worldwide. The following two days were devoted to shared learning on the challenges of community centers from across the Jewish world, with a close look at over 20 community centers within Israel.

During this successful and exciting conference, IACC has expanded its partnerships with other JCCs worldwide. In addition to the 20 community centers that are already active in the fellowship program and are each partnered with at least one sister-center, the Gush Etzion Community Center began its partnership with Mexico, the SSBJCC of Bridgewater, New Jersey, and an agreement was made to expand partnerships between London and JCCEurope.

There was also a fascinating meeting during the conference that was held between IACC Chairman Mr. Avi Wurzman and JCCA CEO Doron Krakov, who agreed to establish other partnerships between additional JCCs, to be finalized at the Jsummit conference that’s to take place in May of this year in Milwaukee.